Training & Support

Training & Support

Training is always part of an implementation, upgrade, or conversion. Users must get the training they need to support a project go-live. But training needs don’t stop there. New people get hired. Employees change jobs internally. And people need refresher training. Sometimes, you want to explore other functional capabilities, or create some really amazing reports. All this results in a need for training beyond the original scope.

From a support perspective, there are times when things aren’t going the way you expect. And a call to the software provider isn’t getting results in a timely fashion, because they only know the software as designed, not how it was implemented at your company, since they didn’t do the implementation. What you really need is someone who works with you to understand the software as deployed at your company, with the business goals in focus. You need a partner who takes the time to “seek first to understand”, and then gets to know your business, your people, and your situation. Then issues can be resolved quickly, and effectively.

INFOTECH has almost 30 years of experience in over 150 projects, and our specialists can help with your ongoing training & support needs.

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