Job Shops

Job Shops

Job shops that handle small to medium-size orders (batch jobs) face a unique set of challenges. Given the many one-time orders, or small-batch repeats, keeping the pipeline full of new orders is critical to an efficient and profitable operation. You need to provide accurate quotes very quickly. And once you win the business, having the ability to react to schedule changes and quickly adjust production through a mix of manufacturing capabilities is paramount. Delivering on time… well, that’s a given. Being able to invoice rapidly and with accuracy that accounts for the numerous changes is essential to keeping a positive cashflow.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Job Shops provides the 360-degree view of your quotes, customers, orders, shop floor and financials to streamline your business and keep you competitive and profitable.

INFOTECH Consulting Group has been helping job shops stay current for almost 30 years, with Microsoft NAV and Business Central as the core component of our solutions.

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