Custom Development, Workflow and Integrations

Custom Development, Workflow and Integrations

Custom Development: Vanilla. What, exactly, is vanilla? While most companies implementing a new ERP system have a desire to stay “vanilla”, the reality is that software out-of-the-box doesn’t cover 100% of your requirements, ever! There is always something that has to be handled some other way – with a third-party add-on, or staying with a manual method, or with custom development. There are also some very unique things you do in your business that are your differentiators – and custom development is a way to keep that competitive advantage.

Workflow: Workflow is a series of tasks needed to be carried out in a defined order by different functional areas and employees to complete a business process. Automating that workflow with software can result in tremendous accuracy, speed, visibility and efficiency gains in your business.

Integrations: A complete solution will usually include some functional applications that will need to be connected within your ERP system to operate as a single system, using one source of data and common code. Think of this as putting together the pieces of a puzzle, where they fit together and create one unified result, all working together in harmony. INFOTECH works with many Microsoft partners that provide these puzzle pieces.

INFOTECH has almost 30 years of experience in over 150 projects, and our specialists can help with customizations, workflow, and integrations.

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