Experlogix e-Con CPQ for NAV and D365 Business Central

INFOTECH Consulting Group began selling and implementing the e-Con CPQ solution in 2008. Our experience includes deployments with Microsoft NAV, Microsoft D365 Business Central, and as a stand-alone configurator solution. In March of 2020, E-Con Solutions was acquired by Experlogix, a leader in CPQ, and a significant partner in the Microsoft ecosystem, making our combined ERP and CPQ solutions even stronger.

The e-Con CPQ solution supports Sales Configuration, Product Configuration, Project Configuration, and After-Sales Configuration.

e-Con makes it easy to sell/buy even the most complex, custom products and services. Sales agents no longer resort to manual processes when configuring a quote or converting a quote to an order. Data-lookups, calculations, business rules and logic are all integrated with Dynamics 365 data in real time, and automatically applied for quick, satisfying interactions with your company. With e-Con, the sales process becomes a simple matter of filling out a form.

e-Con CPQ under the hood

e-Con’s innovative data structure is an industry stand-out. It provides out-of-the-box integration by connecting directly with Dynamics 365. There is no need to build and maintain another database, so you won’t find a native more native than e-Con.

Designed for Performance

  • Streamlined Quote-to-Order
  • Great performance with extremely complex solutions

Out-of-the-Box integration

  • Read/write direct to any Dynamics 365 entity
  • PSA (Project Service Automation)
  • PowerBI
  • Sana e-Commerce

Easy to Use

  • Drag ‘n drop data from Dynamics 365 into your product and service model
  • Customer-centric Rules engine allows you to input specifications in any order, whereas most CPQs require rigid sequential process
  • No extra database!
  • Time-saving toolset makes it easy to update, maintain and scale CPQ models

More than 500 customers

  • Hundreds of businesses worldwide use e-Con across a wide range of industries.

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