Brad Fillbach, MBA

Brad Fillbach, MBA

President and CEO

Brad is a dedicated and passionate leader with a goal of helping manufacturing, distribution and service companies be more competitive in a global economy. Being the trusted partner that clients can depend on to deliver results is very important to him. He strives to manage by inspiration, not fear; by sharing information, not guarding it; by empowering people to make decisions; and by unleashing people’s talents for the common good.

With a BS in Finance and an MBA, Brad brings over 20 years of ERP project management and implementation experience within the SMB market. He has been a leader in over 150 new client installations and upgrades who believes that communication and transparency is key to true partnership success.

Brad’s role at INFOTECH Consulting Group as CEO is to ensure that all clients have successful deployments that deliver real value to their organization, and to earn the ability to be partners for life.

Brad considers himself fortunate to lead a highly skilled team that takes pride in our customer’s success, and looks forward to continued growth creatively applying new technology for clients.

Just for fun… Brad enjoys spending time with family and friends doing outdoor activities with his favorites being boating, fishing, hunting, hiking and playing basketball, football, baseball and volleyball. He looks forward to trips to the family cabin in Canada to fish for walleye and northern.

Bartel de Leeuw

Bartel de Leeuw

Vice President

Bartel was born in Canada, and lived in England and the Netherlands for almost 20 years. He studied Information Technology and Business while he was in the Netherlands. With more than 20 years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central ERP solutions, he is also skilled in deploying CPQ software.

Bartel’s role at as Senior Business Analyst is focused primarily around the technical side of ERP and CPQ projects, but he also helps with presales, implementation, installation and configuration, product architecture and development, support and training.

Just for fun… Bartel enjoys spending time in the great Colorado outdoors: climbing fourteeners, hiking, motorcycle riding, skiing, snowshoeing, and camping with family. He also enjoys scuba diving and sailing, although he does not do that as often as he would like, living in a land-locked state.

Tammy Wolfe, CPA

Tammy Wolfe, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining INFOTECH, Tammy worked in public accounting for 6 years in corporate taxation, individual and corporate tax planning, business consulting and individual and estate taxation. Having been with INFOTECH for the last 21 years, she has been dedicated to Microsoft NAV/Business Central solutions for 19 of those years.

Her role at INFOTECH Consulting Group as Senior Business Analyst consists of project management, financial management, job costing in manufacturing, CRM, service management, and HR/payroll. As a CPA and “numbers person”, Tammy makes sure projects deliver value and ROI to be considered successful.

Just for fun… Tammy loves the outdoors, and enjoys time with her three horses and a miniature donkey! A trip to California with them is in her sights

Ken Leamer

Ken Leamer

Director of Business Development

Ken is an accomplished sales executive with a Mechanical Engineering degree, over 10 years in manufacturing and over 20 years of enterprise software & services sales experience including ERP, CRM, CPQ, WMS, BI, Field Service and Product Cost Management applications. He uses his engineering background to provide a consultative, problem-solving approach to the application of software solutions to improve business operations. By focusing on developing relationships and delivering real value from technology, customer success and “partners for life” are his primary goals.

Ken leads the sales and marketing efforts at INFOTECH Consulting Group.

Just for fun… Ken enjoys riding motorcycles with his sons, and playing bass guitar. His wife keeps things fun with their two Golden Retrievers that she shows in obedience trials.

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