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Infotech Employee Portal

The Infotech Employee Portal gives employees browser-based ability to perform employee functions from their computer or mobile device. By being built inside NAV/BC, it does not rely on any duplication or replication of data. Employee functions provided include maintenance of personal data (name, address, phone, emergency contacts, etc.), time off (taken, requested, etc.), payroll (withholdings, paystubs, pay statistics, etc.), and view personnel file information (training, certifications, etc.).

Infotech Quality Control

Infotech Quality Control provides Template Inspection Plans, at the Item Master level, for First Article, In-Process and Hardware Inspections for both manufactured and purchased items. These plans attach to associated manufacturing and purchase orders, and can be revised for specific orders to accommodate unique requirements. Revisions can be updated on the Item Master Template, if appropriate. Discrepant Material and Corrective Action reports are provided, as well as preventative action and internal auditing capabilities. Quality Control features can be included as part of an overall paperless shop solution.

Infotech WIP Tracking

Infotech WIP Tracking provides the ability to track WIP inventory in bins and containers throughout the production process, providing visibility into part quantities by specific location, including any items quarantined or scrapped for quality assurance.

Paperless Office

Infotech Paperless Office brings together many technical capabilities to minimize or eliminate paper in the workplace. Scanning and attaching documents; E-mailing documents, quotes, reports, order confirmations and invoices/credit memos; Automating payments; and Excel imports and exports all combine to result in a significant reduction in the use of paper. Workflow can automate the business processes utilized, and provide notifications, approvals and escalations, without paper, to enable required actions.

Job Shop Estimator

Infotech Job Shop Estimator is a configurator for job shops to create estimates for a job – either discrete or engineer-to-order – with the ability to accommodate multiple volume scenarios. The configurator allows creation of BOM’s and routings, and includes setup time, run time by operation, plating and other outsourced operations, packaging, shipping and material costs to provide a sales quote with quantity price-breaks. All details can be created in NAV/BC when quoted, or can be set to be auto-created upon order receipt.

Infotech Lumber Inventory Management

Infotech Lumber Inventory Management enables truss manufacturers and other wood products producers to purchase construction lumber by train-car or truck load (bundle) and then break into appropriate units of measure for proper inventory management of lumber. Provides traceability to the original bundle for quality assurance. Includes tracking of board feet, thousand board feet (MBF), MBF Cost, and also Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Ability to integrate to Construction Design Software for further process automation.

Shop Floor Dispatch

Infotech Shop Floor Dispatch provides production scheduling/rescheduling at earliest start date, factoring in priority and material availability. Request and put away WIP, finished goods, tools, and empty containers; attach drawings, inspections plans and work instructions for review online; all without the need for a printed shop floor packet.

Fork Lift Dispatch

Infotech Fork Lift Dispatch is closely integrated to Shop Floor Dispatch and enables fork lift operators to manage loads by monitoring move requests on a mobile device and allowing those operators to reserve loads to move. The dispatch screen shows the move requests with time in queue to provide focus on expediency. Forklifts can also be assigned to zones for efficiency.

Time Tracking

Infotech Time Tracking provides two primary capabilities; one for time and attendance tracking for payroll, and another for shop floor labor collection. Time tracking for payroll accounts for multiple shifts and breaks, and can support payroll distribution internally or from an outside payroll provider. Time tracking for the shop floor provides the ability to log onto a production order/routing operation, or a work cell using an entry screen or bar code scanner to collect labor cost for a part or job. Includes a supervisor review screen for review, edit and approval.

Enhanced Labor Collection

Infotech Enhanced Labor Collection provides user-friendly data entry screens with enhanced capabilities for reporting of labor and overhead, including splitting options (actual, equal, operation estimate), reporting to multiple production orders, setup time, run time, training, shift differentials, break recognition, indirect time, and integration to payroll with reconciliation capability. It also provides various inventory moves and variance and analysis reporting.

Enhanced Payroll

Infotech Payroll provides maintenance of employee information for payroll purposes, including tax withholdings and other deductions, as well as PTO tracking. Supports direct-deposit and physical checks, and all quarterly and year-end reporting with W-2’s and other tax forms.

Staffing Agency Scheduling and Billing

Infotech Staffing Agency Scheduling and Billing allows establishment of staff resources as either employees or subcontractors. Tracking of certifications, licensing requirements and expirations is provided, and scheduling a resource with expired credentials is prevented. Includes a scheduling screen to enter work requests and assign resources. Provides the ability to record the work type, resource type and shifts worked, with flexible pay and billing rates, including overtime. Work completion is reviewed for approval, and the customer and/or insurance company is billed, and employee or subcontractor payment is made.

Enhanced Engineering Change Management

Infotech Enhanced Engineering Change Management provides the ability to manage engineering versions, process/approve Engineering Change Notices and create/update BOMs and Routings without having to pass around a paper package with the associated costs and inherent delays from a serial process.

Tool Tracking and Repair

Infotech Tool Tracking and Repair provides tracking and maintenance of tools, including the ability to define tools required by operation, queue next-run tools, create planned Tool Repair Requests and Tool Orders, and generate in-process repair requests from Shop Floor Dispatch.

Training Management

Infotech Training Management provides tracking of training certifications for employees, scheduling of recurring training and periodic employee reviews, mass training by employee groups and the ability to capture the cost of training, all within the system.

Laser Nesting Material & Labor Collection

Infotech Laser Nesting Material & Labor Collection works with laser nesting software to assign material and labor costs to the parts on a sheet of material. Provides ability to accurately assign costs to multiple different parts/jobs per sheet, and then provide the results to NAV/BC for the associated production orders. Output includes quantity, material and labor details.

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