Joe Matejka, CFO, Bob Brink Inc.

“We have been a customer of Infotech since 2007. They are very knowledgeable & responsive to our needs. Great company to work with!!”

Lynnel Brinkman, Accounting Manager, Plato Woodwork

“Infotech had many upgrade versions to go through to get us to the current version. It was a very smooth transition. Tammy was always very responsive and wonderful to work with. She always had a suggestion or solution for any report or process we were trying to figure out in the new version.”

Wes Wilson, CIO, ThyssenKrupp Access

“The combination of e-Con configurator and Infotech’s capabilities was invaluable to our project. Elevators have many choices and options ranging from type, size, capacity, materials and literally hundreds others. The configurator was able to capture all these rules about what is possible to produce and wrap it in a very easy interface. It dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of the quotes we prepare and prevents mistakes that would show otherwise up during production”

Kelly Chlebowski, Systems Specialist, Trachte Building Systems

“The e-Con configurator is head and shoulders above our previous configurator from Epicor. We also evaluated JD Edwards , Syspro and Sage during the software selection and we kept coming back to the functionality of the e-Con configurator and the expertise that Infotech demonstrated.”

Mary Kay Wahl, General Manager, Ingenuity Industries (part of MCL Industries)

“Our revenue has doubled and thanks to Lean Manufacturing implementation of Microsoft NAV based software by Infotech, we did not have to increase the size of our office staff. I have seen several companies talk good about Lean Manufacturing, but Infotech actually knows how to make it happen!”

Scott Shilha, IT Manager, Countertops, Inc.

“Infotech has modified and deployed a Microsoft NAV based ERP system in our new division- Dakota Panel. The implementation completely automated our production line based on lean principles and enabled us to dramatically increase the plant throughput as more product lines were assigned to be manufactured there”.

Kim Jorgenson, Controller, Storage Systems of Midwest

“The team at Infotech was able to step in as our partner in improving our complete ERP system. They have proven to be very knowledgeable and responsive to our questions. Our customer’s satisfaction is critical to us, and Infotech has given us the tools to improve our responsiveness to our customer’s needs.”

Marc Meade, Finance Manager, Orion Energy Systems

“We have been very satisfied with Infotech’s expertise. What they deliver they can deliver goes well beyond following some implementation methodology. The team at Infotech walked the talk and delivered. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Bill Le May, CIO, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

“They have proven to be a very capable and reliable partner. We used to run on Oracle ERP, and at the beginning of our discussions with Infotech, we were looking to only implement a CRM system. When we saw the complete ERP functionality that Infotech proposed to implement, we decided to completely replace our Oracle system. We have never looked back. Infotech was very capable and reliable partner in a very complex migration from Oracle. They delivered what they promised”

Dan Pogreba, General Manager, Select Trusses

“Infotech has really done a great job taking over and rescuing our installation. We faced many challenges and Infotech came through for us”

Diane Hamann, Controller, First Logic (now part of Business Objects)

“The people at Infotech are great to work with. We are a software company ourselves, so we appreciate experts in their field when we see them. They are also extremely responsive to our requests and questions”

Ben Nagel, IT Director, St Mary’s Press

“Our business has dramatically changed since the original implementation when we produced large runs of our titles. Infotech has been able to support us in the transition to Print-on-Demand Custom Configured model. Customers can literally custom configure the chapters of the textbook they will use in their classroom. We have also dramatically increased the number of orders that we get through our website”

Steve Andersen, Director Data Services, Freedom Graphics

“The e-Con configurator is a very flexible software that impressed us with how powerful and at the same time nimble it can be”

Gordon Kersten, IT Director, ABP Induction

“Infotech has done a great job migrating two companies from a system of a multi-national parent to their own ERP system. This was a multi-location implementation with many new employees and Infotech’s services were invaluable in this transition”

Chuck Nash, IT Director, SCA North America

“Infotech is very knowledgeable and reliable partner”

David Boise, IT Manager, RPE, Inc.

“Infotech went above and beyond in implementing our ERP software and in creating an integration to our existing purchasing and requisition system. It works the way they said it would”
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