What is a “conversion”? A software system conversion is the movement from one software system to another, or one database to another. This would include moving from an in-house developed legacy system to a commercial off-the-shelf system, or from a limited-capability system to a more comprehensive solution. Some examples would be converting from Microsoft Great Plains to Microsoft D365 Business Central, or from QuickBooks to D365 Business Central.

Companies convert systems for a variety of reasons. Legacy systems often get outdated and the cost and risk of maintaining them is no longer desirable. Other conversions are done because a system is no longer supported by the software company, so a replacement is needed, and historical data is needed. Another reason is business growth, where the company now has significant business requirements that their current software does not support.

INFOTECH can help you navigate through a conversion, making sure critical business requirements are carried forward, and new capabilities are utilized. Business process re-engineering is also a common part of this process, to make sure old bad habits aren’t replicated in your new system, and modern best practices are embraced.

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