Implementation / Re-Implementation

Implementation / Re-Implementation

What is implementation? We define “implementation” as the complete installation, configuration, training, deployment and support of a software solution, with fully defined goals and objectives. Success is defined as achievement of those goals and objectives to deliver real value to the organization.

What is Re-implementation? A “Re-implementation” is essentially a restart of an implementation that was not successful. There can be many reasons for a failure, but the software itself is not typically the primary cause. The implementation services are usually the cause of failure, so choosing a partner that provides all the elements of the solution; software, services, support, and relationship, is critical to success.

Implementing/Re-implementing an ERP solution is probably the most comprehensive software deployment your company will undertake. You may have done an ERP implementation already, or this may be your first time. Either way, it is not a project you want to tackle without an experienced partner at your side. INFOTECH Consulting Group has been in business almost 30 years, with over 150 projects under their belt. You do ERP as a project. We do it for a living.

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