Resolve Versioning Issues with a Product Configurator

Sales and Product Configuration Managements turns Confusion into Perfection  Producing and selling products involve multiple stakeholders and teams across the supply chain. Success depends on your ability to provide goods that keep up with customer demand and competitor offerings. Simply put, you need to be ready to create new versions for models, configurations, and results.…read more


HTML5 Sales & Product Configuration, best fitting through Responsive Design We’d like to focus this week on a hot technology topic—HTML5. More specifically, we’d like to focus on how e-Con Solutions has put the latest Internet technology to work in record time and developed the HTML5 user interface for e-Con. Users can work through any…read more

Improve Sales Performance with a Sales Configurator

High sales goals for 2014? Increase conversions with a sales configurator  It’s likely your sales goals for 2014 are higher than last year’s—that’s a healthy outlook for growth. It’s also likely that you’ll need to improve actual sales performance to meet those goals. There’s a lot that goes into sales performance, but what wins come…read more



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