Microsoft New Customer Promotion

This is the perfect time to replace those outdated systems! “Give Me 5 Again” Microsoft is pleased to announce the terms that will apply to “Give Me 5 Again” from January 2, 2014 to June 23, 2014. Starter Pack plus 2 more Full Users for the price of the Starter Pack (total of 5 users…read more

Microsoft – “Extend for Half”

 “Extend For Half” Microsoft is launching an exciting promotion for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 customers that need more than the rich financial management and supply chain management functionality of the Starter Pack; customers that need the deep functionality of the Extended Pack. From September 9, 2013 until June 23, 2014…read more

Microsoft Licensing Discount

 “Perpetual Licensing Volume Discount” Microsoft is availing a promotional discount plan – “Perpetual Licensing Volume Discount” – for customers needing 15 to 20 or more Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Full Users using the Perpetual Licensing model. From September 9, 2013 until June 23, 2014 customers placing orders above a certain…read more

Convergence 2014

Updated – Meet e-Con Solutions on booth number 740 at Convergence 2014, Atlanta   We’re ready for you—with multiple e-Con demos for different industries, lots of informational material, and lively videos. Whether you’re a sales partner, potential partner, or interested in our solution, you’ll have a great experience with the e-Con for Dynamics deluge! We’ll…read more

Configurator Helps Multiple Teams Work Together

It takes more than one team to open one door: bring together teams  The big technology term these days is Enterprise Application Integration. We’d like to take that sometimes baffling phrase down a notch. Let’s talk instead about how one sales and product configurator can help multiple teams work together to design, sell, and produce…read more

Conserve Resources and Costs with a Sales & Product Configurator

Sales & Product Configurator Cost Benefit: Burning Waste for Fireplaces & Stoves  Whether you’re in the business of producing fireplaces and stoves, or simply engaged with manufacturing and distributing custom products, e-Con solutions can tell you a big story in a few words—our sales and product configurator helps you conserve resources and costs, and gives you the accuracy…read more

Make It a Team Process From Start to Finish

  Beating the Deadline: How e-Con Makes Quote through Delivery a Team Process Here’s sales manager Bjorn, having a friendly beer with a customer who’s been transformed from the Dreaded Special Order Due in 3 Days into a walking marketing campaign for Bjorn’s manufacturing company. The customer is a brilliant guy, who’s been behind adding…read more



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