Customer Case – NAV with the e-Con Configurator

NAV configuration case for Badotherm with the e-Con product configurator  Business Pressures 225 employees juggled a worldwide supply chain to produce mamo-meters, mechanical pressure instruments and gas filled bimetallic temperature instruments. Sales teams dealt with diverse customers across the Netherlands, Thailand, India, Dubai and the USA. Products involved thousands of specifications.  Nothing less than world-class…read more

Prescription Lenses – A Customer Case Combining ERP and Configurator

Prescription Lenses; ready for manufacturing in 30 seconds   If you make 25,000 standard products and a few million customer-specific products, how long will it take to enter an order? “Thirty seconds,” says Bart van der Linden, Head of Research & Development at NKL Contactlenzen in Emmen, The Netherlands. “It’s that quick, despite all the choices! That’s…read more

Data-Driven Approach for Flexibility and Ease

Want more flexibility and ease for configurations? Consider a data-driven approach Most sales and product configurators offer some form of a studio, whether it goes by that name or another—it houses the processes used to set up and maintain product configurations. Some configurators rely on the established patterns offered by fixed or rigid integration of data. There are…read more

Customer Case – Machinery Configurator with e-Con & NAV

Machinery configurator case for Jansen Poultry with the e-Con for Dynamics NAV From Weekend Warriors to Corporate Winners Jansen Poultry was at first a weekend project that A.H. Jansen and his father fit into the hard work of running a farm. Their first project was a prototype for an automated laying nest for chickens, which…read more



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