Data-Driven Approach for Flexibility and Ease

Want more flexibility and ease for configurations? Consider a data-driven approach Most sales and product configurators offer some form of a studio, whether it goes by that name or another—it houses the processes used to set up and maintain product configurations. Some configurators rely on the established patterns offered by fixed or rigid integration of data. There are…read more

Online Capabilities – As a Marketing Tool, a Portal Tool and a Web Shop

Why should a product or sales configurator have online capabilities? You may not yet use e-Con over the internet—there are major benefits for doing so. We’d like to tell you about new ways you can enhance sales processes and reach more customers by taking advantage of e-Con as a web-based solution. Reduce time and stress…read more

Customer Case – Machinery Configurator with e-Con & NAV

Machinery configurator case for Jansen Poultry with the e-Con for Dynamics NAV From Weekend Warriors to Corporate Winners Jansen Poultry was at first a weekend project that A.H. Jansen and his father fit into the hard work of running a farm. Their first project was a prototype for an automated laying nest for chickens, which…read more

ERP Configurations for Printing, Packaging and Apparel

ERP configurations for printing, packaging and apparel industry?  Our newly launched website offers fresh points of view that now span 10 major industries. Most recently, we’ve grouped sales and product configuration challenges that printing, packaging, and apparel companies share. Of course, we go beyond industry needs to describe how e-Con can turn quote-to-after sales issues…read more



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