Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX- Copier and Contracts

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Demo of Configurator for Microsoft NAV and AX- Lawn Mower

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e-Con ERP Configurator- Door Configuration

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e-Con ERP Configurator- Bicycle Configuration Demo Video

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The e-Con Machinery Configurator

A new industry configuration page: The e-Con Machinery configurator  Over the past 10 years, e-Con has been a “machinery must” for companies that works with huge speed to introduce and roll out the fastest and precise  machines.There’s no room for risk in the machinery industry. Your ability to survive and thrive depends on precise orders…read more

ERP Configuration in the Automotive Industry

Automotive ERP configuration by the e-Con product configurator Drive optimized design, production, and sales processes: e-Con configuration solutions for the automotive industry Henry Ford’s Model-T was an automotive breakthrough, and for years was THE car to drive. At the turn of the century, the car itself and its production efficiency were astonishing innovations—who needed options…read more

Configuration and Wizards – Take the Pain out of Programming

Product Configuration and the magic ‘wizards’ work “Wizards” are no doubt part of your vocabulary for software solutions—tools that sharply reduce time and effort for simple and complex tasks, from setups and installations for applications to sophisticated “mini-apps” that can take the pain out of programming. Wizards play a major role in helping back-end teams…read more

Building Customer Confidence with Configuration Technology

How Sales Configuration Makes You a Trusted Advisor As a seller, you know that winning the deal depends on customer confidence that they need the product you’re selling and that your specific product meets their specific needs. But ultimately, success depends on their confidence that you can ask the right questions and provide the right…read more

Customer Case with ERP Configurations

e-Con Customer Case with ERP configurations for the automotive industry    The automotive industry takes full advantage of technology innovations. More and more companies work with online configuration tools that let consumers build their own car to exacting specifications. Read the customer case about Flex-i-Trans who use e-Con to manage complexity in the Automotive industry.Xando…read more

Customer Case – NAV with the e-Con Configurator

NAV configuration case for Badotherm with the e-Con product configurator  Business Pressures 225 employees juggled a worldwide supply chain to produce mamo-meters, mechanical pressure instruments and gas filled bimetallic temperature instruments. Sales teams dealt with diverse customers across the Netherlands, Thailand, India, Dubai and the USA. Products involved thousands of specifications.  Nothing less than world-class…read more



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