Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Zetadocs for NAV is the document management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV chosen by Microsoft for its connection to SharePoint. Zetadocs will help your business eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based processes so that you can achieve cost savings, faster response times to your customers and a reduction in your company’s carbon footprint.

Zetadocs can help automate and streamline accounting processes such as Supplier Invoice Processing, Payables Approval, Proof of Delivery Tracking and Electronic Invoicing. Learn how Zetadocs can improve your sales order process and help your business.



Paper still remains at the heart of many business processes: documents are sent to customers and suppliers, whilst originals and copies are filed for future retrieval.

Zetadocs helps you replace common paper-intensive processes, improving the way your business operates. Finance departments, customer services and all operational teams can work more efficiently on screen, saving time and costs, while offering better service levels to customers.

Efficiency gains

Work smarter. By producing, sending, filing, approving and retrieving documents both automatically and electronically, Zetadocs enables finance and operations departments to spend more time on productive, value-added tasks.

  • Scan and process supplier invoices on screen
  • Manage accounts payable processes with approval via phones, tablets and PCs
  • Instantly deliver invoices and statements by fax and email
  • Resolve sales and delivery queries quickly through instant on-screen access to documents
  • Eliminate printing, handling and mailing of documents such as sales invoices
  • Remove storage costs associated with retaining paper documents

Better customer service

Respond to your customers faster. Zetadocs helps you offer better service levels than are feasible when staff have to search through physical files and archives. The result is a more satisfying and friendly experience for the customer.  Watch the video.

  • Address urgent queries in real time, leading to strengthened relationships with both customers and suppliers
  • File sales orders, Proof of Delivery confirmations and sales invoices automatically to help staff handle customer queries quickly and efficiently
  • Allow customers to help themselves. Provide access to copies of sales and purchase documents via a portal, set in the context of their trading history

Reduced carbon footprint

Think green. Lower your company’s overall carbon footprint by minimizing use of paper for letters, invoices, statements and envelopes, as well as reducing “delivery miles”.

  • Limit the use of paper using electronic Proof of Delivery tracking, releasing required paper documents for recycling in place of filing
  • Replace paper invoices, statements and remittance advice notes with their electronic equivalents
  • Deliver business documents using fax or email instead of physical mail
  • Reduce the use of printer cartridges, toner and energy in sales and delivery processes


Stronger Security

Through central archives that can only be accessed by authorized staff, Zetadocs helps improves the security of your finance document records and reports.

Visibility and control

Zetadocs enables accounts teams to manage approval processes on screen, making it not only faster but easier to stay on top of overdue items in need of chasing or reassignment.

Faster auditing

Zetadocs makes it quick and easy to find not just a single document such as an invoice, but all quotes, purchase orders, delivery documentation and correspondence relating to that invoice too. This speeds up the search and inspection of any sales or purchase transaction by auditors, helping statutory audits run faster and more smoothly.

Disaster Recovery

Zetadocs automatically indexes and archives copies of all documents. The archive itself can be at a remote location and can be readily backed up to a secondary system, providing protection against fire and flood.




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