HTML5 Sales & Product Configuration, best fitting through Responsive Design

We’d like to focus this week on a hot technology topic—HTML5. More specifically, we’d like to focus on how e-Con Solutions has put the latest Internet technology to work in record time and developed the HTML5 user interface for e-Con. Users can work through any browser, on the smart tablets and smart phones that are fast becoming the way to work anywhere, at any time. And e-Con will look and work the way it should for the device they’re using. HTML5 has enabled us to give businesses one of the coolest sales and product configurators available on the market—here’s why and how.

The new standard: responsive design on each device

By making HTML5 a new standard, the high-tech world is meeting a core goal to support the “multi” world of software and hardware. For most businesses, there’s no escaping that their people may be working with multiple platforms, multiple browsers, multiple devices, and multi-media. HTML5 cuts to the chase—once you’ve deployed e-Con, your people can really work anytime, from any location, in real time, whether they’re using a Windows-based desktop or laptop, or an iOS or Android-based tablet or device

For salespeople using e-Con in the field to configure proposals and quotes, the HTML5 user interface makes work faster, easier, and an example of a tool that’s tailored to their needs. Let’s say Maria is discovering all the benefits of using her iPad—she’s always online. She can tap an e-Con icon, log in, and have access to a lot more than information—she’s got a full user interface that features responsive design—all elements scale automatically to her screen, and adapt instantly if she’s been holding the app vertically and then rotates it. She’s got a custom background, color palette, and comment boxes in specific areas. She’s defined the headers that make it easiest for her to work with information. She’ll have all the tools she needs to configure a quote, including find-as-you-type search and the ability to sort and filter information. Because she’s using a mobile device and not a laptop, she can take advantage of touch-sensitive spinners and sliders.

The HTML5 User Interface: impress and win

The UI also gives her articles she can tap (and keep tapping into) for description, costs, stock availability, and other critical data she needs to answer her customer’s questions and select options for her quote.

The customer’s impressed with Maria’s ability to configure a quote that meets their needs—that’s always been the heart of e-Con. Now they’re impressed that she’s zooming through the process on her tablet, and flipping the device to give them a better view of the drawing that’s being rendered in real time. If the customer needs a director to approve the quote, she can send it through email on the spot. And if you really want to impress–Maria’s walking out the door and the customer says, “Wait! We just got approved!” She’s got her iPhone at hand, so she uses it to bring up the quote and send it straight to the back office for order processing.

That’s a true win—efficient, professional, and packed with proof that your company is using the latest innovations for the goods you produce or distribute. Every product Maria sells using e-Con is designed and configured on the back end by people using e-Con. We’ve just touched the surface of how HTML5 is helping us make e-Con the solution you’ll want.




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