Building Customer Confidence with Configuration Technology

Building Customer Confidence with Configuration Technology

How Sales Configuration Makes You a Trusted Advisor

As a seller, you know that winning the deal depends on customer confidence that they need the product you’re selling and that your specific product meets their specific needs. But ultimately, success depends on their confidence that you can ask the right questions and provide the right solutions.

Ask the Right Questions, Deliver the Right Information

Whether they say it explicitly or show it in their work, salespeople consider selling an art. They know they’re looking at limited time to win a customer’s confidence and move to the point where they can show the customer that their product can meet all customer requirements. While brochures, white papers, demos, and other sales aids help, when it comes to working directly with prospects, they need tools that help them:

  • Demonstrate serious knowledge of the business and intelligent interest in the customer’s situation.
  • Listen to the customer and be equipped to ask questions that address relevant decision points.
  • Show that they’ve got specific insights and the right answers that are RELEVANT to the customer’s situation—the art of turning what the customer wants into what the customer needs.
  • Exercise extraordinary patience, but be ready to respond quickly and efficiently once the decision to buy is made.
  • Keep working with that customer after the sale—the first deal is just the start of a mutually profitable relationship.

Technology, specifically CRM innovation, is increasingly accepted as a tool that helps salespeople accelerate the process of gaining customer knowledge and trust, while still retaining a personalized approach to selling. Sales process automation is going to the next level with integrated sales and product configurators that help sellers build customer confidence and complete the deal—from first question, through proposal and quote, to order and final delivery. The best configurators integrate with both CRM and ERP solutions to track and maintain customer and product information. They offer tools that free salespeople to listen, act, and take concrete action that ensures production, delivery, and after-sales service that’s timely and accurate. You have all you need to artfully build customer confidence that your company is there to serve them.

Guided Selling that Fuels Customer Confidence

A sales configurations tool, preferably part of a sales and product configuration package, can guide you through all phases of the sales process. We are partial, understandably, to the e-Con Sales and Product Configurator, but there’s good reason to be. Whether you’re a seasoned product or industry specialist or relatively new to the work, e-Con gives you a knowledgebase of industry and product information and insight that helps you makes sense of the customer’s precise situation and needs, strategic, logistical, and financial. Critical pre-sales data no longer lives in a few team members’ heads or scattered across numerous silos. Add it to your roster of pre-sales tools.

Annoying Co -worker When you do get to the point of looking directly at the products customers are looking for, you can still call on the knowledgebase, but the configurator itself makes complex sales tasks intuitive and flexible. You steer to the product area that’s involved and input basic information. Within a short time, you have a result that will meet extremely specific customer needs, comply with a sometimes dizzying array of standards and regulations, and enable all teams and departments to work without friction to produce and deliver the product.

Because the e-Con sales configurator is built from the rules engine used for all product configurations, it’s “smart” about what can be delivered. Products can involve thousands of variables. If you or the customer request a specification that’s going to throw off a configuration (and it only takes one error to create the wrong product variation), e-Con politely refuses to comply—you’ll receive an easy to understand error message, and what’s much better, a prompt for a better option or a question that is going to get you on the right path again.

  • There are incredibly complex calculations, checks, and balances going on for some products, but neither you nor the customer get overwhelmed. If you know the basic questions that need to be asked, e-Con takes care of the complexities associated with those questions. You and the customer see only what enriches confidence–dynamic pricing changes and modifications for production and delivery, product visualizations that grow along with the product—any and all information that assures the customer you’ve got their back.
  • The entire process moves smoothly from start to finish, diverging only when corrections are needed or there’s a prompt from the configurator for options or other products that would enrich the offering. The result is a proposal or quote that reflects understanding of the customer’s wishes and a product or products that they actually need, based on very concrete information.
  • At no time do you lose your power to treat selling as an art or serve as a well-informed advisor. You just do it better, faster, and more cost-effectively, and don’t need to wait years to acquire knowledge that lets you be a trusted advisor.

The right Mix of Art and Technology

You’re able to build a solid platform for customer confidence. You capture all information that’s needed to set in motion order processing, quick start to production and delivery, and an informed transition to after-sales service. If needs change along the way, they can be incorporated quickly, without interrupting production or delivery or incurring undue costs. Configuration technology only enhances the art of selling. Today’s markets demand that sales use all available resources to score wins. e-Con can help ensure your talents help dispel any doubts customers might have in your company’s ability to understand what they need and deliver it when they need it, with pinpoint pricing accuracy.



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