ERP Configuration in the Automotive Industry

ERP Configuration in the Automotive Industry

Drive optimized design, production, and sales processes: e-Con configuration solutions for the automotive industry

Henry Ford’s Model-T was an automotive breakthrough, and for years was THE car to drive. At the turn of the century, the car itself and its production efficiency were astonishing innovations—who needed options for models, color, interiors, engines, lights, accessories? Over the past 100 years, automotive manufacturers have built on that achievement to the point where there seem to be infinite choices—from vehicle makes and models to thousands of options that make even a standard product line much more than an assembly line process. From initial configuration to point of sale through dealing with a huge supply chain, manufacturers can’t function without technology support. There are reams of data and a complex ecosystem that needs to be assembled into quotes, orders, and projects that lead to the vehicle customers drive off the lot.

Every penny counts in this industry

Many, if not all companies in the automotive industry use configuration technology and solutions, in particular for managing design, engineering, order processing, and production. Every minute, every penny counts toward a bottom line that operates with tight margins and constant pressure to deliver faster and better. And savvy manufacturers are seeing the benefits of using configurators as powerful sales tools that save time and money on the front end—and add to profits by making it easy to choose options that increase margins.

Sales and product configurator for the automotive industry

With a user-friendly sales configurator, your salespeople and potential customers can “build” a car in minutes that’s tailored to a customer’s needs and wishes. e-Con offers one of the richest sales configurators available today, with Guided Selling, real-time visualization, and instant changes to pricing that make the sales process fast, flexible, and even enjoyable. Final quotes can be printed immediately, helping speed decision-making and sales wins. Sales processes are always connected to the back office as well; e-Con pushes the completed configuration and quote to the ERP system for quick processing and a fast start for production. The solution offers multiple configurators for sale, product, project costing, and after sales in one package that integrates fully with ERP and other applications.




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