Conserve Resources and Costs with a Sales & Product Configurator

Conserve Resources and Costs with a Sales & Product Configurator

Sales & Product Configurator Cost Benefit: Burning Waste for Fireplaces & Stoves

 Whether you’re in the business of producing fireplaces and stoves, or simply engaged with manufacturing and distributing custom products, e-Con solutions can tell you a big story in a few words—our sales and product configurator helps you conserve resources and costs, and gives you the accuracy you need to ensure you don’t create extra work, expenses, and production errors. We’re in the business of helping you reduce waste.

 Fireplace And Stove Configurations

We’ll talk about working with fireplaces and stoves as a prime example of highly custom products produced in high volumes. You’re working with multiple product lines with thousands of variables, you’re challenged to meet customer requirements and different regulatory standards, and when it comes to having customers pick their options, you need to ensure a vast array of choices are correct—materials, size, colors, heating capacity, glass, filters—that’s barrel the tip. Every one of even those options could fill a database with variations. Margins are almost always small, and the risk of error is quite large.

e-Con takes care of your business

e-Con can take care of the issues. If you’ve been using a configurator that can’t hold all that knowledge and make it readily accessible to all teams, you’re relying on people to “know” stock, keep track of feasible product combinations, understand how regulations affect specifications, and be ready to give p time answering endless questions.  Your company may be expanding, or just keeping abreast of the latest innovations. For both sales and design, the result is an increase in “selling the impossible”—product combinations that production can’t handle or that increase the need for extra time, cost, and resources. Not to mention extra time spent with customers redoing combinations—that’s embarrassing as well as a waste of energy, time, and cost.

Guided Selling; you’re welcome

Enter e-Con—with a rules engine and design studio that streamlines modeling and ensures accuracy for the hard work of mapping rules, variables, checks and balances, and much more into models and options that make the most of your production capacity.  You’ll have guided selling and an intuitive product catalog that let sales people have access to all information in a user-friendly interface, with alerts and prompts when selections aren’t feasible. Information is integrated with ERP so that when quotes are pushed to ERP for order processing, everybody’s working with the same information in real time. You’ll have a project calculator that automates costing and help with decision making about the most effective and affordable suppliers, resources, delivery promises, and more. To make a long story short, you’ll be fine. Everyone’s involved with the right information at the right time, processes are standardized and automated (but still flexible), and you’ll have checks and balances that keep those thousands of variables in order.

Time for proving e-Con

Check out how e-Con works to save time, energy, costs, resources—and ultimately errors that create waste.  Now’s the time!




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