Customer Case – NAV with the e-Con Configurator

Customer Case – NAV with the e-Con Configurator

NAV configuration case for Badotherm with the e-Con product configurator

 Business Pressures

225 employees juggled a worldwide supply chain to produce mamo-meters, mechanical pressure instruments and gas filled bimetallic temperature instruments. Sales teams dealt with diverse customers across the Netherlands, Thailand, India, Dubai and the USA. Products involved thousands of specifications.  Nothing less than world-class quality was needed every day. Badotherm was committed, but for some time was held back by the idea that automation, and using a configurator that would standardize specifications, would compromise their business practices. As a result, every product was configured using spreadsheets and manual processes that meant a lot of labor, no efficient way to centralize and repurpose valuable information, and high risk for error.

The company change

Simon van Loon, IT Director of Badotherm, is refreshingly candid about the company’s change in perspective. “We thought we were a special company with specific needs, products, and customers,” he says. We could only accept a configurator that could meet our special rules and needs. But we weren’t super special. The problem was with our business practices—we thought we knew how to work efficiently, and then we discovered that automation and a configurator would help us greatly—but we needed to adapt our ways of working. They turned around when we were able to apply our products and modify our processes to map to the rich configuration rules in e-Con.”

Start of configuration success

2003 was the year the company began the journey toward process optimization and greater profitability. Badotherm invested in one of the best ERP systems on the market for their needs—Microsoft Dynamics NAV—and realized that e-Con’s rich functionality and native integration with Dynamics NAV made it the right configurator for the “plunge” into full automation. The implementation of e-Con took less than a year to complete and was started in the factory in Romania.




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