Build vs Buy – Invest for Complex Selling

Build vs Buy – Invest for Complex Selling

Build a homegrown configurator? No, buy!

Invest instead of cobbling together solutions for complex selling

When customers view companies as highly professional organizations that produce quality goods, there’s a lot more going on than good advertising and PR. Technology is at the heart of excellent sales execution, efficient and accurate production, and delivery of products and services that drive customer loyalty.

Your organization is no exception. You need a strong ERP system, a robust sales configurator or product configurator, and integration that bring teams together as a holistic ecosystem. Sellers that can interact with prospects as expert advisors are at the front of your ability to succeed, but they’re relying on a less visible stream of processes that balance speed, cost, and quality. No home grown system can offer that combination unless they’re willing to invest in far too much effort and overhead. And the ability to refresh systems and keep pace with innovation disrupts business and involves far too much monitoring of market trends in technology.

We’ve worked with hundred customers and spoken with dozens of people who sell and produce products every day, almost always struggling to bring together quote-to-order processes, configuration strategies, and connections with ERP. There IS an easier way to achieve their goals. They can work with a company dedicated to giving them a configurator package with superb quote through delivery automation, the ability to build models and feed complex configurations into a robust rules engine, integrate with ERP, and return invest why should companies do it for themselves, if you can hiring a super-professional company for this cut, and your investment can return in less than a year!

The best companies treat proposals and quotes as a means to build trust, not just complete a transition.

Quote from the field:

                                                                                                           Badotherm -color

Customize your business to automation, not the automation to you.

Simon van Loon, IT Director of Badotherm, is refreshingly candid about the company’s change in perspective. “We thought we were a special company with specific needs, products, and customers,” he says. We could only accept a configurator that could meet our special rules and needs. But we weren’t super special. The problem was with our business practices—we thought we knew how to work efficiently, and then we discovered that automation and a configurator would help us greatly—but we needed to adapt our ways of working. They turned around when we were able to apply our products and modify our processes to map to the rich configuration rules in e-Con.”




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