Sales and Product Configurator Use in ERP Software

Sales and Product Configurator Use in ERP Software

How will configurator drive your customer satisfaction?

In today’s world, most items we purchase have options. If you sell any type of product with choices, features and dimensions, then configurator is a definite “must-have” for your business.

With configurator, you can create custom quotes, complete proposals with attachments, complete made to order jobs, and configure engineer to order products – all, with a simple, guided, click-through application.

Configurator allows you to accelerate the sales process making it more efficient and responsive to the needs of your customer. Configurator creates confidence in your organization by quickly generating accurate, detailed and professional looking quotes to your customers; which, translates to more quote conversions. Your customer expects you to deliver a product to them with the same professional quality with which you handled the sales process. You have greater customer satisfaction.

Configurator allows you to condense your sales and engineering knowledge to configure a quote, product, job or production order that is both accurate and competitive. Configurator utilizes the pricing, product and customer data from your ERP and other data sources to produce a quote along with bills of materials, routings and drawings which will be used in the actual manufacturing and delivery of the product to your customer.

Drive customer satisfaction with a faster sales process.

Your sales team will utilize a guided, repeatable process to configure a quote for your customer. The process is intuitive and self-explanatory. Ordering of the product is clear and easy for novices and expert sales people. The process is fast and guarantees a quick turn-around for your customer. The configuration steps have your company’s expertise built-in. Prices and lead times are automatically calculated. The proposal and pricing is correct every time. The process is complete and ensures that the customer is ordering a valid configured product. Configuration choices are instantly reflected in a visual display of the product they have chosen and with their specifications.

Quotes can be generated from virtually any device – PC, iPad, Android device, iPhone, web browser, on-line or off-line. The application is fully web-based. Access is controlled by the use of security on your sales portal.

The configuration process can be paused in mid-step and finished later. Already configured quotes can be reconfigured. You can configure and complete an entire sales order with multiple items on it. Both common and customer-specific templates can be created. Fast delivery of the quotes indicates fast delivery of their product. This drives customer satisfaction.

Drive customer satisfaction with polished quote documents.

Quote documents include pricing, options selected, specifications, pictures, drawings, terms and conditions and other material that you want to have merged into the final document. You can have an unlimited number of quote templates. Configurator gives you the options of whether or not to show dealer pricing or end-customer pricing, costs, list prices and discounted prices. There is no limitation to how complex your product may be. The configurator can handle even the most complex scenarios.

You drive your customer satisfaction by providing them with the price and cost information they need and with all the flexibility they want.

Drive customer satisfaction with ready-to-produce jobs.

The configurator is directly incorporated into your manufacturing process. Integration with your MRP means that options selected during the configuration are automatically translated into BOMs, routings, assembly instructions, equipment lists, and xml-based output for CAD and CNC systems. There is no need for engineering time because the configuration follows the engineering constraints. The entire job is configured according to the rules you defined and the constraints that currently exist in your ERP software.

This approach streamlines the entire process – from quote to design, from order to finished product; again, driving customer satisfaction.

Drive customer satisfaction with a powerful but easy product.

Configurator is powerful but easy to use. It is a rules based configurator. It is integrated with your ERP system. It has wizards to help with design questions and it has drag and drop functions to define data and calculations. The data used during configuration and price calculation can come from multiple data sources. The configurator uses the most current data for its calculations. Quotes are displayed in real-time. Configurator is cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. It is designed around the latest XML technology. The configurator is designed to work as an intelligent layer on top of your ERP application.

Users are not bound to a single, directional, sequential flow of questions. They can start at any point in the process with the assurance of accurate results.  Your customer can rely on you to quickly and accurately quote and deliver your product to them. That’s customer satisfaction.












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