AX Configuration Customer Case

AX Configuration Customer Case

 Here’s an organization that kept a cool head and made a configurator choice that’s enabled one of its key companies to heat up cost control and production speed. CES Group manages a network of eight of the world’s leading heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment manufacturers. Venmar CES, a division of 300 people that’s headquartered in Canada, specializes in both engineer-to-order and configure-to-order energy recovery ventilation solutions.

e-Con for Microsoft Dynamics AX

When the company’s decision makers decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX for its two locations, they also prioritized a long-standing problem. Sales teams were spending far too much time configuring the custom quotes customer needed. At the same time, engineering and design found it difficult to modify the existing configuration tool to align with changing product specifications and pricing structures.  Venmar CES wanted a configurator that offered the deep functionality and integration that their new ERP system was going to deliver.

The Coolest Choice: e-Con

Selecting a world-class configurator was easy. One of e-Con’s great benefits is that it’s sold through the same channel as Microsoft Dynamics AX. ”In addition to meeting a significant portion of our requirements out of the box, we liked the fact that Microsoft worked closely with ISVs [independent software vendors] to layer additional, industry-specific capabilities on top of the core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX,” says John Clayton, Project Manager for CES Group.  e-Con became part of a total solution that met end-to-end needs and gave the company a single, consolidated view of all information and e-Con offers a lot more than the standard AX Configurator.

Transforming Quotation and Order Entry Processing

Microsoft Dynamics AX gave the company an ERP system that automated order management capabilities and provided deep visibility into supply chain activities. There’s a lot of activity that goes on before information ever enters the ERP system, however, and e-Con takes care of that area. Cooling and heating quotes require precise selection of hundreds of variables. With e-Con, salespeople work with Guided Selling that ensures they always make the correct selections. All variables have been predefined in the powerful rules engine that drives the sales tool. Salespeople are prompted to make choices based on intuitive questions. e-Con automatically prevents them from completing combinations that don’t meet production standards.




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