Configurator Helps Multiple Teams Work Together

Configurator Helps Multiple Teams Work Together

It takes more than one team to open one door: bring together teams

 The big technology term these days is Enterprise Application Integration. We’d like to take that sometimes baffling phrase down a notch. Let’s talk instead about how one sales and product configurator can help multiple teams work together to design, sell, and produce one product. And since we’re talking about opening doors to collaboration, we’ll take doors as our product example. 

Door _configuration _e -Con

From standard fabricated residential doors to custom designs, heavy commercial fireproof, bullet-proof, everything proof doors, you need to bring together an entire ecosystem of design, engineering, sales, production, and back-office teams. There are many other stakeholders involved, of course. We’ll touch on using e-Con’s integrated configurator to take us through quote through after-sales processes.

Teams can collaborate with ease

With e-Con, all teams actually can work in collaboration, since the solution centralizes information, share it with ERP systems, and ensures data updates spread across the system automatically. Team members all view the same information but in the way that’s most relevant for their work. Design and engineering work on the back end with the design studio and rules engine to create models, all possible combinations, and checks and balances that prevent inaccurate configurations. That information is presented to sellers as a dynamic product catalog with built-in guided selling that ensures they make the right choices and ask customers the right questions. Checks and balances appear as alerts if a choice isn’t feasible.

Quotes to ERP

Sales can push completed quotes to the ERP back office, where they’ve got all the information needed to process the quote into an order that can move straight to production, complete with BOM, items, and routings. Project calculators can always be at hand working with system information to ensure effective costing and budgeting and component costs. And production can communicate changes and issues that travel to all involved teams for appropriate action.

Information updates

Information updates are always updated across the system automatically, whether they comes from sales, design, the back office, or production. Version control ensures that people aren’t scratching their heads trying to reconcile which set of specs for the red fire door being built for customer X is outdated and which is current. And just as important, after-sales teams have access to full sales, customer, and product information so they can button up customer issues quickly and set up service and maintenance that’s personalized but efficient.  e-Con combines teams into one unified group, and helps people work together for shared goals: customer satisfaction, product excellence, and profitability.




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