Online Capabilities – As a Marketing Tool, a Portal Tool and a Web Shop

Online Capabilities – As a Marketing Tool, a Portal Tool and a Web Shop

Why should a product or sales configurator have online capabilities?

You may not yet use e-Con over the internet—there are major benefits for doing so. We’d like to tell you about new ways you can enhance sales processes and reach more customers by taking advantage of e-Con as a web-based solution.

  • Reduce time and stress for selling: Salespeople can access e-Con via web browser from any location, with the assurance that information is accurate, current, and centralized. There’s no need to adapt quotes and orders or check to see if they need additional information for specifications, prices, and product configurations. All checks and balances work at full strength, so sellers can only create feasible configurations—our motto is “the end of selling product impossible,” and that works even when you’re using e-Con over the web for the most complex products and services.
  • Sell 24/7 without barriers: Here’s a great example. If you’ve set e-Con up so that customers can create quotes and orders and check on them through self-service, they’ll have 24/7 access—they won’t need to rely on your availability to get the information they need. By clearing obstacles for customers, you make it fast, easy, and simple for them to purchase your products and check on progress.

Let’s outline three more specific scenarios for using e-Con over the web:

As a marketing tool: Ensure that your retail channel is always current and informed by giving customers instant access to information about models, pricing, available stock, and more.

As a portal tool: Give your customers more purchasing power. As noted above, you can set up e-Con so that customers can log into your portal to create quotes and orders or check on progress. Of course, e-Con is still the tool your salespeople use when customers want more specific help with goods and services.

As a web shop: Working with partner Sana Commerce, e-Con offers a web shop that combines the benefits of a marketing and portal tool with online payment and promotions. Customers can do everything: Look for the product they want, add additional options, process payment, and select from delivery choices.





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