Configurator Meets the Needs of the Complex Medical and Orthopedic Industry

Configurator Meets the Needs of the Complex Medical and Orthopedic Industry

e-Con product configurator for the medical and orthopedic industry

If you’re a part of the medical and orthopedics industry, we encourage you to visit our website and see how a sales and product configurator can help your organization thrive.

The ideal configurator for medical and orthopedics organizations is focused on meeting extremely detailed and complex customer needs—it needs to address the fact that customers don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all box.

For example, if a person needs medical assistance getting a prosthetic, the first thing that a specialist will do is gather precise information about the length, width, and pressure needed to ensure their artificial limb is exactly right.  The e-Con Sales and Product configurator can simplify and ensure quote-through-delivery accuracy with automated prompts and centralized data storage that all stakeholders can access. The specialist can enter a single detail and the e-Con rules engine will immediately begin guiding them to make specific choices that lead to the product that’s exactly right for that customer.

And we’ve got proof the e-Con can help people with disabilities live richer lives that reflect their full potential. Here’s just one highlight: In last year’s Paralympics Games in London, winning athletics ran with artificial legs configured by e-Con.




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