Customer Case – Machinery Configurator with e-Con & NAV

Customer Case – Machinery Configurator with e-Con & NAV

Machinery configurator case for Jansen Poultry with the e-Con for Dynamics NAV

From Weekend Warriors to Corporate Winners

Jansen Poultry was at first a weekend project that A.H. Jansen and his father fit into the hard work of running a farm. Their first project was a prototype for an automated laying nest for chickens, which soon was adopted by many other suppliers of eggs. Growth moved as quickly as that initial success—within a few years Jansen was a fully accredited international presence focused on selling and launching multiple poultry equipment products.

Jansen embraced the help that technology could offer the company. In 1994, the company began automating back-office administration, and soon included production process automation and CAD into the fold of innovation. Jansen brought everything together in 2001 when they chose Navision (now Microsoft Dynamics NAV) for their ERP system and e-Con as their configurator solution.

Just in Time: the Explosive Growth of Configurations

“In 2001, a configurator was a nice option, but in 2013 it’s absolutely necessary,” says e-Con developer Arie Rijksen. “We’re looking at more than 20,000 product configurations per year.” All equipment is custom-made and built to recognize customer-specific dimensions of stables and halls. One configuration can contain thousands of specifications that need to surface as quotes that are reasonably streamlined and easy to understand. Salespeople are limited in the choices they can make, since to ensure accuracy e-Con advises them to choose from standard options.  But e-Con also adds smart functionality that allows sales to quote customized options using special text fields, cost indications, and other helpful aids. Everybody wins. The rules engine can hold all data and thousands of configurations. Sales and customers see the right selections and are prompted to make the right choices through Guided Selling. Results are accurate and just as important, they can be pushed to the ERP system and converted to orders with a few clicks, including BOMs, items, routings—everything needed to get orders to production and delivery as quickly as possible. Jansen faces many challenges in a hotly competitive marketplace, and with e-Con they’re better able to keep pace with demand.

The Ideal Tool to Recommend Ideal Machinery Scenarios

No two companies in the poultry industry work with the same dimensions, and they’ve got to balance an efficient use of space and a healthy, compliant environment for animals. e-Con can take all data and pull together a perfect recommendation for equipment and much more. Take BroMaxx as an example. e-Con efficiently takes into account premise dimensions, animal target weight, specific materials that the customer wants to use, and extremely complex calculations for equipment parts—e-Con can cover the most exacting details about, for instance, tubing curves and thickness and their relationship to both the equipment itself and where and how it will be located and positioned. The result gives Jansen a recommendation that really is optimal because it’s based on a full view of information that updates in real time with any changes. The tool can go even further and recommend the optimal layout and number of units for the facility—all tailored to the specific customer.

Along with their reputation for producing just what the customer wants, Jansen Poultry can work easily with customers who speak different languages and have different regulatory requirements. The company uses the configurator in 6 different languages. Quotes and orders can be created in the customer’s preferred language, and at the same time, a Dutch employee can work with the order in Dutch. Country-specific regulations are automatically associated when creating quotes and orders. The depth of functionality e-Con offers helps Jansen secure a worldwide base of loyal customers and save hours, even days of time creating accurate, compliant quotes and orders.




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