ERP Configurations for Printing, Packaging and Apparel

ERP Configurations for Printing, Packaging and Apparel

ERP configurations for printing, packaging and apparel industry?

 Our newly launched website offers fresh points of view that now span 10 major industries. Most recently, we’ve grouped sales and product configuration challenges that printing, packaging, and apparel companies share. Of course, we go beyond industry needs to describe how e-Con can turn quote-to-after sales issues into efficient, user-friendly processes that integrate fully with Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

For example, we look at how every order a company puts out can involve a huge number of variants that sales and engineering juggle for a single order. In addition to protecting against design errors that impact pricing and delivery, many companies need to ensure that every specification can be clearly understood and executed by overseas fabrication resources. There’s no cost saving in using less expensive labor if a foreign resource can’t understand exactly what they need to produce. That’s just a glimpse. We encourage you to learn more about how the e-Con Sales and Product Configurator is built to meet both shared and unique needs for printing, packaging and apparel. 



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